Discovery Phase

All great companies out there today did not start knowing everything they would become.  You do not need to worry about everything the future may hold, but it is best to have some clarity on where you are today in your process.

Ebay, for example, started as a platform to buy and sell Pez dispensers!  They built that platform and evolved over time with multiple stages of success.

The discovery phase is your opportunity to define a stronger foundation from which to build.

Consider the following during your discovery phase:

  1.   What is your niche?  Have you narrowed it enough to stay on topic and offer clear value?
  2.   Choose a primary platform to connect with your audience.
  3.   Identify the top 10 leaders in your niche and perform competitive research.
  4.   Have you defined who your ideal reader/customer is?  (Also known as your avatar)
  5.   Chart the desired journey of your audience and what is in it for them.
  6.   SEO (search engine optimization) & Keyword research for site and content development.
  7.   Marketing your business with PPC (pay per click), organic SEO, referrals, etc.
  8.   List building & lead magnets.  What is your plan?
  9.   If you are building a business, then be a business from the start.  How will you monetize?
  10.   Define clear business goals and KPIs (key performance indicators).

This is an introduction to what will be a FREE mini-course dedicated to executing your discovery phase and developing a business plan for success.  This will put you ahead of most of your potential competitors as well as save you time and money.

In this course, we will cover each step in detail with many examples from our business.  We will also provide recommendations of tools (both free and fee based) with a focus on free at this stage.

We often get caught up in the excitement of wanting to make something happen that we forget to start with the best information available that greatly increases your expectations of success.  Too often it feels like homework (bad memories of being in school) or we may convince ourselves that we already know enough and would not get enough out of such a task.

This stage is the opposite of indulgent or time that cannot be afforded … this process will have a huge payoff, if you fully invest in it.

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