Last weekend we trekked down to the beautiful Kerr Lake in North Carolina and stayed at the County Line Campground.

County Line Campground at Kerr Lake sunset photo by Stephen Davey
Photo by Stephen Davey


We RATED County Line Campground at Kerr Lake as follows:
Cost:  10/10
Bathroom:  9/10
Litter:  9/10
Beauty:  10/10

Overall:  9.5/10

Just arrived at County Line Campground at Kerr Lake, NC

We were with our great friends Stephen & Chris, relaxed, played games, & lived like vagabond kings for the weekend.

More info on campsite click here ==>>  County Line Campground at Kerr Lake in North Carolina is a state park that is well looked after, and this was right after the hurricanes had hammered the state (some spots in the camp were closed due to flooding).

I think we paid $60 to $70 total for two nights so that worked out to $30 to $35 per couple.  We had an electrical hookup which I would prefer usually, but I am not really sure we used it much this trip.  Of course we would have saved money had we not gone with the electric hookup.

This weekend we used our Eno hammock more than the 1-1/2 years previously combined.  We will soon have a van resource page to share additional information, our ongoing feedback, and where we purchased from.

Phil Chilling in hammock  Stephen, Phil, Chris, Pattie 

A few more photos:

Kerr Lake - what is this bug?
Photo by Stephen Davey
The Good Van Life at Kerr Lake
Photo by Stephen Davey
Beautiful sky at Kerr Lake, NC
Photo by Chris DeWilde

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