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Your goal may be to have a site/business that covers a vast domain of information across multiple platforms; however, this should be seen as a future goal resulting from a long evolution.  You should begin as narrow and specific as possible.

Ultimately, the best advice you could ever be given is that your primary platform should be your website. The reasoning for this, while possibly quite complex, is also extremely simple: your website is something you OWN.

It is one absolute asset among the many you hope to eventually establish.  Your website is the one platform that you will likely retain the greatest control over.

Think about it!  What other platform allows you absolute control over advertising next to your content?  How about competitive content that might draw attention away from you?  What happens if that platform suddenly dies or just begins to dwindle towards a slow death in popularity?  There is the possibility that this platform manages to anger a vast percentage of its audience for something like privacy policies or alignment with or against a particular tribe (such as in politics).

You will never operate in a vacuum, but it is good business sense to always consider what you own, therefore maintaining a higher degree of control, and what you don’t.

That Being Said, I am Going To Make A Contradicting Statement

There is no denying, however, that there are plenty of examples of massive success that ignores what we consider to be one of the greatest pieces of business advice we could offer, which is to have as much complete ownership of everything that you can.  There are plenty of YouTube stars making six and seven figures a year.

Podcasts are another frontier that does not require you to have your own website, but wouldn’t it be better if you did?  We would tend to look at every single platform out there as a way to direct traffic to the one platform you actually own!

It is not to say that these other platforms don’t offer stand alone value.  For example, you might have a podcast that is greatly monetized by ads.  The podcasts themselves might be very popular and satisfy an audience member completely while you are also making money.

Choose a secondary platform as a means to enhance your primary platform.  If your chosen method of communication with your audience is video, then YouTube is the perfect choice.  We just recommend that you make sure to have your content on your website

Social Media Is Mostly A Waste Of Time

This is a topic that can personally drive me, Phil, crazy!!!!  I know from working with clients that there is no end to the buzz we hear about all of the various social media platforms out there.

We not only hear that you are missing out, but that you should also be on multiple platforms if not all of them.  You should be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter, along with whatever other platform of the day is being talked about.  It would be amazing if you covered more information across more platforms than anyone else, but particularly when you are starting, will you do this with even the slightest degree of success?

Let’s accept for a moment that you should be on Facebook.  What is your agenda, or are you there just because you should be?  Is this the most valuable thing you could be doing right now?  If not, then you should just say NO!  Unless Facebook is your primary platform, then you need to ignore it if you have more important things to be doing right now.

Most people are spending time with social media when they have far more valuable tasks at hand.  Most are also just “doing” social media and have no real plan or measurable objectives.  Some people are using it well, but it is still true that they could be using that time to focus on an area that will have far greater impact on their business.


The best platform is the one you own.  You may also choose to enhance your chosen communication model with another platform; however, always bring it back to the one you own so you do not one day wake up having lost most of what you have built.


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