Enter Code For Sound 30 Radio / Stereo In Sprinter Van 2002-2006

Sprinter Sound 30 Stereo Code to Unlock

One of the first problems we encountered with our van was having the battery die due to being in our backyard for too long without being run while we worked on it.  After jump starting the van the stereo wanted us to enter a code to unlock it.  After looking through all the paperwork and manuals that came we the van we came up empty so turned to Google.

There are many sites out there that would like to sell this code to you, and I must admit I almost succumbed to it, but after a number of searches came up with a free source of radio codes.  Simply look up your VIN number and this document will give you the code to enter.  We now have ours written in the front of our manual in the glove box.  Hope this helps someone out there.

Sprinter-Forum   The Sprinter Source

Two files are available based on the year of your Sprinter Van
Sprinter 2002-2004
Sprinter 2005-2006


This site has currently active members from posts I have looked at, and it appears that there is a lot of info on this site.  I have yet to properly tour this site but gladly promote it as a source that solved a problem I had.

We plan to upgrade our stereo as many commented on the Sprinter Forum that this stereo isn’t even good enough to warrant theft protection, but it is very nice to have it working until the stereo replacement reaches the top of our to do list for the van.

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