Aubrey is someone we already followed as part of the Minimal Millennials (NOW the Matneys).

I chose this video of Aubrey sharing their kitchen with us because that is exactly what we are focused on in our van right now.

Read our post introducing our van kitchen.

It is always interesting to see where we have made the same decisions.  Probably more interesting to see where we have chosen differently.  It is not really a situation of right or wrong for everyone.  I see things they have chosen that I would not like or disagree about; however, I also can see where those same choices gave them other outcomes that I am somewhat jealous of.  So many decisions in a van revolve around the idea that you can’t really have everything you want.  Each choice comes with pros & cons for that specific decision, and it has consequences for other decisions.

I suggest seeing as many different layouts as possible and decide what you value the most.  Watch and enjoy!

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