Our First Decision – What Type Of Tiny House Do We Want

Our Sprinter Van - the Conch

When Pattie and I met, I had already been exploring the tiny house movement for over a decade.  It started with Jay Shafer, the founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which then evolved to all the usual suspects in the movement such as Dee Williams, Greg Johnson, Jenine Alexander, and more.

As we discussed my desire to live in a 120 square foot home, Pattie took to this dream and added a new dimension.  Wouldn’t it be better to have the vehicle and the living space combined?  We could be more mobile and in a plain van, stealthy.  This way we would be able to travel to more concerts and visit many cities.

It was this very angle that allowed us to bypass some issues that still eluded me even after a decade when thinking about a tiny house in my back yard:

  1. We would have to modify our back fence if we were going to get a large trailer in and out of the back yard.
  2. The cost of a new quality trailer is quite high, before you even start building the house on it. The opinions surrounding a new versus a used trailer led me to believe we did not want to end up as one of those who bought used, and after all the time and cost of making sure it was in sound condition, wish we had bought new.
  3. Then there is the issue of having the proper vehicle to tow it, although it seems to me that regular travel is not really the point of a tiny house on whe1els.

Buying a van would solve all three of these issues and have the additional bonus of easy travel coupled with the ability to stealth camp in cities.

Thus, a new dream began!

By the way, I still love tiny houses on wheels (trailers) and believe they are the better choice for some.

Pattie & Phil

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