Price, Then Mileage, Then Cosmetic Condition

We learned quickly that choosing a van that we would not be able to get everything we wanted.  An example would be that we couldn’t have more space with the larger model and have the easier parking of the smaller model.  We were going to have to balance and compromise with our decisions.

Our first must have was that Pattie felt it necessary to be able to stand up in our van.  This ruled out a lot of vans for us and set our sites on a Sprinter.

We determined what our price point would be after looking for some time at used Sprinters for sale.  We knew we certainly couldn’t afford a new one or even close to new.

We found plenty of vans above our price point and plenty with more mileage than we wanted.  Finally, we came across a Sprinter Van that was right at the top of our price point with only 116,000 miles on it, but it did need a lot of work in the back as it was previously used for mobile pet grooming.

Knowing that we completely lack the knowledge to do any work on the engine we chose this van for its low mileage as well as a complete history of excellent maintenance.  Interior work we could handle, and the back of our van needed a lot of work before we even began to customize.



As you can see we had an old floor to rip out, a cargo barrier to remove as well as all the wall coverings.  With everything we removed there was lots and lots of dog hair.  It is amazing how much hair got into every tiny little opening.  Once we had everything removed the real work began.

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