This laptop lifestyle option depends on the knowledge and/or experience you currently possess or are willing to obtain.  Skills that can be useful to others may be performed while you travel.

Examples Of Remote Services:

  • Freelance writing (blogs, magazine articles, copywriting)
  • Consulting
  • Website development
  • Social media management
  • VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) specialist
  • Video editor

Examples Of Services Provided On Location As You Travel:

  • Photography (weddings, homes for real estate listings, events)
  • House sitting
  • Art/craft shows (typically selling your own art/products)
  • Volunteering for events could get you admission to an event without out of pocket expense, such as event staff at festivals – this could not only give you free time at the event but also a place to camp for a few days.
  • Volunteering at campgrounds for a nonpaid camp site
  • Specializing in back office software platforms where you are onsite to help a client get set up, and the relationship might continue with remote consulting

This list is to get you thinking about what such possibilities might look like; you are only limited by what you are capable of and your imagination.


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