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This blog is the story of Pattie & Phil’s quest for a life of simple freedom living in a van.

Our focus will be on building out our van, the challenges and options we face along the way, simple living, minimalism, nomadic business, plus more.

We are looking to engage our readers into discussions, questions, and debate.

With this entry, I am circling back to the beginning to be more linear with our actual journey versus jumping around trying to cover a variety of topics before we actually get there.

Please consider signing up for our mailing list.  We will NEVER share your information with others, and plan to keep email communication to a minimum.  This is how we will deliver notifications for future giveaways as well as the occasional update.  I hate getting far too many emails myself and expect them to be no more than once a week if even that.

Our next post will start at the beginning of our journey.

We live in Richmond, VA so please feel free to contact us and even set up a time to stop by if you are interested in talking with a couple who are embarking on a journey you are considering for yourself.  We are still in the somewhat early stages but are getting closer every day to realizing our full dream.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Pattie & Phil

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